Sunday, 31 December 2017

Be A Boss On Fiverr

be a boss on fiver

Many people want to be their own bosses and run their own business, but not everyone becomes one. However, one of the easiest and best way to become a boss with your own business in a very short time is to outsource services and sell products on Fiverr. 

Many have heard of Fiverr but many persons not know how it works. Fiverr is in some way similar to eBay and Amazon, but only deals with the exchange of Gigs for money, and some items like homemade candies or cookies. It is very important to have a good reputation in order to ensure that the best services are being offered so that money will continue to pouring for the exchange of the Gigs you are offering.

Many become turned off when they hear that they will be collecting the small sums of $5 for the services that they intend to provide, this appears to be very little in their eyes, but that tiny sums can grow to an enormous amount like $4,000 USD in a month or even more. The key is to organize Gigs in a smart way that the $5 continue to become a blessing in the order of 1, 2, 3 until there is an endless stream of money since every jot and tittle is added to the pot until it’s a lot. To be clear Fiverr is suitable for those who are willing to do more for less, however, the cap has been raised and so you can earn above the $5 mark. You could offer your service or products in three formats. Basic at $5, Standard at $35 and Premium at $50. Just explain clearly to customers and show them the benefit of each include the difference.

An endless list of services and products can be offered in any niche plus your Gigs can be offering anything for $5 or more such as: -
  • Freelance Writing @ 500 words
  • Design Logos
  • Business Research
  • I will sing happy birthday in Jamaican patois
  • Will teach you how to cook Canadian Style
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • More…
The first order of business is to set up an account and agree to the terms of services, then build your site with your offer. Your Gigs will be the services, produce or whatever you are offering in exchange for $5. It is important to remember to complete setting up your profile in order for those prospective customers, who would like to use your service, get to know who you are and what you are capable of doing in exchange for their money. 

Once you have set up your Gigs it may be outlined as “I am an Expert, Researcher, Blogger, Marketer or SEO and I am offering my service….” You go into details as to how long you will take to complete whatever assignments you will receive. The description must be explained in a Professional way so that the customer will want to purchase or use your services furthermore, you should let them see the value they will be getting in return for doing business with you.

The steps to be enforced are: -
  • Decide what kind of Gigs you will be offering, either service or products or both and in what niche.
  • Set up your payment receive function, even though a Fiverr business will not have the same financial requirements as a physical business one still need to set up ways to be paid. Your Fiverr account setting will instruct you to set up accounts using PayPal, Fiverr Revenue Card, Bank Transfer or Direct Deposit (USA Only). Best to use all the payment process that can be had.
  • Some area of your business may need to be outsourced to other Fiverr members, as someday you may have more business to do in a day than you can manage. So give this matter some consideration.
  • Once everything is set up, do not sit waiting for work. Go and market on the internet and use whatever means are available to draw clients toward your business. If you lack certain knowledge, then go and acquire them from Google and YouTube, by keying the words, “How to market my Fiverr Gigs”. You will receive knowledge from the results. Another alternative is you can pay $5 to a Fiverr member to market your business to the Global communities.
If you are interested in becoming your own Boss along with the three million persons making a living of up to $4,000 or $5000 USD per month and much more, Click here and observe how simple the process is with Fiverr. 

Friday, 29 December 2017


how to survive without a degree

It seems as if the days are gone when one could be employed in whatever humble professional that require just a Grade 9 education or a High School Diploma.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and since we were very young we were told that one should graduate from High School then attend college or university for a period of four years, in order to collect a degree which will make us successful persons. Since then, we have noticed a funny thing happening in society, where the holders with qualification from higher institutions of learning find themselves sitting among the growing ranks of unemployed citizens.

Some employers place a high demand on newly hired degree employers to take up responsibilities with non-college degree jobs at a lower wage, which resembles the pay scale of one that does not own a degree. Consider low paying jobs that do not require a degree does not receive benefits as those in higher paying jobs. Now when an employer starts to employ degree holders and place them in low paying positions, it begins to appear as if university and college graduates are being taken advantage of.

We also hear from the lips of employers, that's going to a higher school of learning proves that such persons are more career-oriented plus possess better work ethics. However, we all know that this is not always the case with some holder of higher learning. The action of employers may seem as if they are exploiting college degree holders. Is the purpose to pay low wages to holders of college degrees? Is it to make a degree appear to be cheap?

Today a number of low skilled jobs require a 4-year college or university Degree and unless you possess such your prospect of employment is nil? What is the true reason for companies employing others with a degree for jobs that once did not require such?

Furthermore, some simple careers such as a File Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Paralegals, and others that were once acceptable after completing a High School, are in demand but only accessible to applicants who possess a degree. What has brought about these changes?
Consider in today's demanding world of work, where many have to accept irregular schedules such as flexible hours. This sacrifice the responsibilities of the employees, who may need time off to pick up kids, feed their families and assist kids with homework among other things.

What is really a degree? A degree is a paper that displays proof of professional knowledge in a certain field of study, from an institution of higher learning. It has been said that when an employer is looking for workers they will only accept the ones who are holders of degrees over the ones that are not. Therefore, many arrived at the conclusion that they should get a degree to get a good job. This is in some ways correct but not exactly correct.

A degree is a very valuable document, but it does not guarantee anyone riches, employment nor a better future in life. In fact, it promises nothing, but one will acquire knowledge from partaking in the activities for its attainment. The truth of the matter is that wealth, jobs nor fame does not always go to persons with the most knowledge, but it responds favorably to those who desire it.

We may have noticed that some former schoolmates who never attended colleges nor possess degrees, seem to get by as survivors, who have healthy bank accounts and a fat roll of cash to spend on the basic luxuries of life as they wish. This observation has made a good number of individuals scratch their heads and wonder if they really need a degree.

There are many men and women who are living successful lives in this university without any proof of General Knowledge that is attained from higher educational institutions. To name a few persons that you may have some knowledge of.

•    Michael Dell — Billionaire, founder of Dell Computers, a college drop out.

•    Ray Kroc — Creator of McDonald, who never completed high school.

•    Steve Madden — A designer of shoes, who dropped out of college.

•    Theodore Watt — Creator of Gateway Computers, is a college dropout

•    W. Clement Stone — Founder of Success Magazine, a top insurance salesman and an Author, who only completed high school.

•    Wolfgang Puck — Owns 80 bistros, 16 Restaurants and is a Chief. Stopped attending school at age 14. Richard Schulze — Creator of Best Buy, never attended college

•    Richard Branson — Is a Billionaire who quit school at 16.

•    David Karp — The Creator of Tumblr who never returned to school at 15

This list should be enough to convenience you, however, the list of people who made it up the ladder of success without completing college or university is numerous. Now the big question is how can a person's success without the completion of a higher level of learning?

 The ingredients are listed as follows:-

•    Desire — Want to success at all cost

•    Belief — the word impossible is a lie

•    Faith — Know that they will success

•    Know what one wants — Example, “Build a Business Empire”

•    What will be offered in return for what one wants?

•    Crafting a plan of action to enable one to attain one objective

•    Write a statement stating how one intends to attain the objectives

•    Read out the statement out loud early in the morning and before retiring at night each day.

•    Spend some time isolated and conduct medication focusing on the attainment and objectives.

Not everyone can find the time and money to invest in a college or university degree, so it is understandable. Many have sad stories such as broken homes and the reason why they were unable to attain a degree, whatever your reason, I am encouraging you to read two books that will guide and aid any man or woman toward the path of prosperity and success. They can be downloaded free of cost and be yours to enjoy and cherish.

They are: -

However, there are still opportunities for those who do not own the important paper of qualification and salaries are up to USD $70,000 per year.

A field such as: -
  •          Medical Assistant
  •          Real Estate Agent
  •          Pharmacy Technician
  •          Truck Drivers
  •          Food Service Managers
  •          Computer User Support Specialist
  •          Transportation Inspector
  •          Power Plant Operator
  •          Dental Hygienist
  •          Commercial Pilot
  •          Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
  •          Criminal Investigator and Detectives
  •          PLUS MORE
To get ahead without a degree one also needs to master certain skills, that can be obtained through Workshop attendance, Seminar, learn online or studying self-improvement books. These skills are: -
·        Leadership and Management Skills – which shows that you can do Research and Analytic skills, Project Management, Critical Observation skills and Conflict Resolutions

·        Interpersonal Skills – Demonstrate that you relate well outside and inside the company by being a Team Player plus Mentoring skills that serve you well with customers. Listening skills, Communication skills, Emotional intelligence, Networking skills

·       Professionalism - Shows that you are Motivated, possess strong Work ethics, Patience, Stress management, Organization and Time management

To blend these skills and add those to your resume and it will give you an edge over other persons during a job interview. Learn what your strength and weakness are, then work to improve the weak parts of yourself, then in so doing you will seem more like the person the Business establishment needs. You can learn Soft Skills and apply them to your daily life for the price of just $10.99 at Udemy, which is a global marketplace for learning with a total of 55 thousand courses to choose from. 

This is not to advocate or encourage anyone to quit high schools, colleges or universities, but just to prove that it is possible to attain a good life without a degree and if any person desire to attain a degree, then go ahead by all means. A degree will provide the knowledge that one needs for success and anyone can succeed with or without it. Just ensure that you know your desire. Either way, May the success or prosperity be with you.



How to secure employment and keep it

keep employment

Today, employers are seeking persons with a good foundation of personal values, personality traits, characteristics and success oriented include personal skills.

Having the required qualification alone is not enough as many persons with talents or knowledge meeting the requirements have found themselves still unemployed even after meeting and demonstrating why they are the perfect cadet for the jobs available with countless places of employment within the Government and Private Sectors.

One of the most valuable things for a human to acquire is a comfortable and secure employment, which enable them to hold an external measure of powers over their daily lives in order that they meet their everyday basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes, entertainment and all the goodness that life has to offer. The accumulations of a job make one feel like a complete human being. Today, many are in need of employment and they consist of the educated class, semi-educated to the lowest level of learning. It doesn’t matter their standing in the field of knowledge and skills as man’s chief goal is to survive.

If you have been rejected during an interview and wonder, why?  When you ponder in deep thoughts about the amount of sacrificed and money spent on pursuing your degree at College or University. Then fell into despair and depression and utter the words, “Goodbye cruel world, I am no use to society”, and prepare to jump off the tallest building in New York City, or from any corner of the globe, hold on.

The persons with the best chance of being gainfully employed are those who are able to win their interviewer over with their perfect Social Skills. Just, what are Social Skills? Social Skill is just a way to communicate effectively with others, using body language, the language of speech, words are chosen, the tune of voice includes the positive influence and impression demonstrated. It is not something anyone is born with but habits that can be acquired with a bit of diligent practice. 

How can one develop Social Skills to create a big impact and influence on others who they come in contact with? It can be self-taught or learn from others, such as at a workshop program, seminar or a course on the subject either offline or online from numbers of sites after a Google search result. One of the best places, it can be learned is at Seminars or workshops or at the Dale Carnegie Training Program that is offered in many major cities.

If you are the macho type who like to fight your own battle and declare “I was born a man, therefore I will die like one”, then I recommend you read the dynamic book, “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE”, which was written in 1936 by Dale Carnegie plus It was the first of its kind and up to today it is still regarded as the best publication in print with a total of 30 million copies sold in nearly all countries in a variety of languages. Enjoy your FREE copy!

Acquiring Social Skills will:

•    Enable the abilities to impress and influence others.
•    You will be in demand by the opposite sexes.
•    Build up your confidence
•    Become a leader
•    Earn the respect of others include your employer
•    Give an advantage over others during an interview
•    Earn promotion to a higher position rapidly
•    Make one appears as someone that can be trusted
•    Allow others to have confidence in you
•    Make one feel happier in the presence of others and their surroundings
•    Develop a sense of humor
•    Enable one to think before speaking
•    Develop good manners
•    Earn you respect
•    Lay the foundation for success
•    And much more

Once accomplishing the mastery of Social Skills the next interview will be a breeze, for there will be a feeling of confidence that was never experienced before.  Learning social skills is one of the best skill to achieve success, prosperity, and respect from all those in our environment and surroundings. It’s also a way to help us to achieve individual objectives or for the successful transformation in honorable Gentlemen and Women. Visit Udemy, the global marketplace of learning, with over 55 courses, serving the global communities and receive more enlightenment. I am wishing you prosperity and success with the attainment of your employment.