Tuesday, 23 January 2018


lotto winners secret

Today, many citizens of the world are standing at the edge of a financial cliff, however, some lucky individuals are able to relax with nothing to fret about, since Lady Luck has smiled upon them. I am not referring to the lucky person who accidentally stumbled upon a lost wallet stuffed with a wad of cash the other day, but the ones who received a hurricane of financial windfall pouring from the heavens above.

Life is unsure and no one knows what will happen within the next five minutes since the process of life continues at a rapid pace, from early morning to late at night, the hand of time continue to tick away and the cycle commences. All things that happened yesterday will never resurface, for what is gone is simply gone plus what is to come will surface.

Don’t put off the planning of the mansion or the flashy sports car that you intend to purchase once you collect your lotto winnings. The dreams may seem like a long shot and the odds aren’t great, do not worry because I have a secret to share with you. It’s time to prevent the wrong persons from walking away with the winnings that should be yours, so at this moment you are in good hands.

The sunrise in the morning and set in the evening, however, we as human do have control over our Destiney, therefore, it is foolish to take life as it is and do nothing to change or improve oneself. Since the birth of civilization, man has conquered time and space, hence for many the word impossible does not exist. The old myth that “Lightning never strikes in the same place twice” has proven to be false. Consider that those within the professional field of Storm Observers and Researchers have witnessed that Lightening does strike anywhere more than once.

Meet Richard Lustig, who was once an ordinary citizen, who was once near the edge of financial destruction. Today he is walking on the easy street and enjoying his personal Heaven on Earth all because he refused to accept the word impossible in his life and environment. He created the amazing feat of becoming the only person on record to have won the Lottery a shocking seven times in a row. His first winnings seem like just pure luck, his second was thought of as just blind luck. When he won a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and final seventh time, the onlookers were sporting bulging eyes accompanied by wide opened mouths with lava flowing out.

A flock of new admirers grew because they started to wonder if he knows something that they don’t. The lotto commission investigated and came away shaking their head in amazement. Richard Lustig rose to fame and become the guest of a number of Television Show include Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Many are dying to win the Lotto Jackpot just once in their lifetime and this Lustig won it seven times.

Lately, there are a number of people who have beaten the odds and cracked the lotto winning under the guidance of Richard Lustig and today he wishes to share his secret with a few ordinary folks, by inviting them to join his Lotto University. The selected group of people who have joined his University courses earlier have beaten the odds and are now looking pretty with their broad winning smiles, they will be the first to tell you that there is no luck, but a simply Mathematics Formula that they learned from the course and used to select their winning numbers.

You may have been a faithful player since the birth of your first daughter or son who is now all grown up and in their twenties, or you may be a first timer, whatever, it doesn’t matter who you are. In fact to win the lotto is a lot easier than to be shot by a stray bullet while standing in New York City or becoming the President of Russia include anywhere that matter. However, keep in mind that winning the Lottery does not promise to make you happy, but wealth is better than poverty includes just getting by.

All lotto players need to take into consideration the amount of money that has been lost over all those long years or recently. Now, instead of another person collecting the winning that should be yours that you have been dreaming of for ages. Your time may be just around the corner so it is wise for you to make preparation for the windfall that may be heading your way and there will be no more missing out of winning the next Jackpot or watch some average smiling John on television collect the winnings that should be yours.

It does not matter what type of Lottery you choose to play, whether it is Powerball, SuperEna Max, Mega Million or whatever Lottery in your corner of the world, this Mathematics Formula will pull the Rabbit or Rabbits out of the hat then you will be declared the dynamic winner. No need to take my word for it and all you have to do at this present moment is to WATCH THIS VIDEO and then decide if you want to ascend up the ladder to easy street or remain to dream of that bright day in the distant future when you will hit the Jackpot using your own personal effort which is not bringing you any luck at the moment.

Now here is your big chance to become filthy rich from the use of Richard Lustig’s Mathematics Formula, which is not for everyone. This offer will not be available for very long, since if everyone can win there will be no more Lottery to play.

Simply, just WATCH THIS VIDEO then make your decision

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Possible Vs Impossible

the impossible can be done

The word Possible is the opposite of Impossible and they are like Positive and Negative or Good and Bad. It is just like saying Heaven is up and Hell is below, however, it depends on where you are traveling to, or your destination. Are you on the road to make the Impossible become Possible? Will you arm yourself with the mental concept of Possibility to achieve your major aim in life or depend on the concept of the Impossible?

The word impossible has been a favorite word for millions of losers and also one of the most disliked word in the English language by winners. Too often we hear someone say that this or that is impossible and can’t be done, or it will never be done. However, the impossible can be made possible and has been proven from time to time by many numbers of individuals from as far back in ancient history and to present day.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined the word:
• Possible means able to be done or achieved, attainable, realizable, within reach, workable, manageable, can be done.
• Impossible as; incapable of being or of occurring, felt to be incapable of being done, attained, or fulfilled. Insuperably difficult, extremely undesirable, can’t be done.

When a group of Scientist, built the first Rocket Ship and proclaimed that they were going on a voyage to the moon and after the Ship was observed by many, there were a lot of unbelievers who spat out the word “Impossible”. Some even went as far as to declare that the Scientist should be confirmed mad and placed In a home for the mentally insane. “This so-called Ship will never get off the ground”. “Ha ha!” they laughed and the debate rage on and on. “The air was made for birds and man has no business up there, plus to visit the moon is Impossible”. Some even went outside to look up in the sky and laughed and said, “If they go up they will surely come down with a big splat and end up in a million pieces like a rotten pumpkin”. The Rocket Ship took off for the moon and many were left with bulging eyes and twisted mouths as they stared in amazement, and the laughing stopped.

In this world, we have Good and Bad, Love and Hate, Positive and Negative, Left and Right and yes, Possible and Impossible, plus more opposite terms. We have the freedom and power to think, speak, act or believe whatever we want to, therefore if we choose to believe in the word Possible or Impossible, it is alright and it is each individual choice. There is a proverb that state; “THE TONGUE SPEAK WORDS THAT BRINGS LIFE OR DEATH AND PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO TALK MUST BE READY TO ACCEPT WHAT IT BRINGS”.
If we wish for Prosperity and Success in this world we need to remove the word impossible from our vocabulary. We do not need Mr. Impossible to manage our mental or thought process, so get rid of him and replace him with Mr. Possible. Henry Ford once said; “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” Henry Ford statement could also be translated as, “If you believe it is Possible or Impossible –you’re right.”

It would be foolish to think that you can visit the Zoo and jump into the Lion’s cage and pet him and do not expect to be eaten. It would be silly to give your friend a gun and command him to shoot at you and expect to catch the bullet with your teeth. Wake up, be reasonable with your brain and use it to accomplish goals, overcome obstacles, push yourself up to the ladder from the bottomless pit or accomplish worthwhile goals in life.
Whenever facing an obstacle or difficulties we need to convince ourselves that it is possible to get over or around them, and by believing in ourselves and our abilities, by focusing on what is possible. When we believe that certain things can't be done because it is impossible, we just need to switch our mindset to it is possible and it can be done, then very soon we will find a way to accomplish the task at hand.

Our mind works like a remote control the type that we use to change the channels on the television, so at any time if the Impossible channel is on our mind, we just need to switch it to the Possible channel. There is another proverb that state; “THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS FOR US TO BE CAREFUL IN THE THINGS WE THINK BECAUSE OUR THOUGHT CONTROLS OUR LIFE”.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Does A University Degree Enable One To Accumulate Wealth?

enable one to accumulate wealth

What is education? The dictionary states, education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Great Universities possess knowledge in quality and amount. Millions of individuals collect a vast sum of knowledge each year because they are told to get a degree to achieve success and prosperity for a better life. They got their degrees, then forged in the world to make a living for themselves.

Today, many are in pursuit of wealth and only a few of the world population succeed in attaining it each year. What is surprising is that a number of those who created wealth did not complete their University or College education. Yet many of those who graduated from educational institutions did not make it up the success ladder, even though they possess General Knowledge. What is exactly wrong here?

Possibly they do not have a desperate feeling to have a better life from the starting point. Since all great achievement begins with a desire, then again, there are those who have the fire to achieve success but fail to collect it at every turn. Some even claim that one fate in life is marked in stone and we will achieve what life has in store for us no matter what action we enforce or believe. Others do not accept this idea and prefer the belief that they will acquire their share of wealth soon or later. These two different types of mental thoughts have opened debates.

Today, many Higher Educational Institutions are full of a highly educated workforce, who have degrees to back them up as a person of great knowledge. Yet it is strange to view that many of these professors own little or no money. Which left much to ponder, what is the secret of success and prosperity?

There are many who will say that success and prosperity are not measured in martial wealth alone and it is all about one happiness. They may have a point, but consider it takes money to do a world of good for oneself and others. No society can prosper without money, education costs money and if one was to stand in the town centers of any marketplace and shout "Who Wants Money?",  there will be so many takers in demand.

A person can be lacking General Knowledge as is taught in Higher Educational Institutions but own a clear head to manufacture ideas or possess information which is put in an organized and definite plan then carried out to a definite end. The principles of IDEA + ACTION = RESULTS or the cases that call for IDEA + ACTION + PLANNING = RESULTS, one or the other will definitely bring about success or prosperity in any field of endeavors.

One does not need to have General Knowledge to use the brain that we were made with to organize, plans and take action, to achieve the definite end of a goal or purpose, such as wealth and prosperity. In today's world, a person who can create ideas to solve problems and back them up with action will always find a place in a world of success and forge ahead in any field. Consider that a large number of the Forbes list of Billionaires are high schools and college dropouts. How could they succeed with so little formal education and built such vast empires?

What is amazing is that 63 of the Forbes list are University dropout and only 21 own a college degree. Then there are those individuals who drop out of the University and are not doing so well and earn less than those with a degree. I guess it is not about education but who we are, our desire and where we aim in life, include our view, such as, good decision skills, have a positive vision of the future, will take risk, know what one wants, willing to work hard, want things done now, plus a positive mental concept.

University or College educations are good to have because they can open doors and add one to attain certain measures in life, but it doesn’t ensure that one attain wealth unless one has the urge to attain it. Let us put on our thinking caps and figure out how to gather wealth, success and prosperity with organized plans and actions to boost ourselves up to the ladder.

I wish you prosperity and success with your aims. Cheers!
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Sunday, 7 January 2018

How to Achieve Goals

goal acheivements

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction”—Albert Einstein

Life is not supposed to be easy and since the fall of man from the famous Garden of Eden, it has become hard and today it seems harder for many men to get ahead, due to circumstances and events that surface and work against them or so they believe. Many tough men have armed themselves with battle axes, then charge ahead toward their major targets on the business battlefields to fulfill their ambitions, then only to find themselves landing flat on their back. Next, they wonder out loud, “why should I bother?”
A good many have given up after their first fall to defeat while others have turned their attention toward easier targets, which aren’t very promising nor productive. They have complained about the obstacles that they faced and how it stands in the way of their achievement toward their goal which is money, the good life, the perfect wife, power to rule or whatever aim they failed to accomplish.  

Obstacles are things that block the way and prevent or hinder men’s progress from point A to point B and surely there are ways around them. Simply just try again, but this time go about it using a Scientific Approach or use the better term Personal Strategic Plan.

A strategy is a term borrowed from the military, which employs tactics, the system created for analysis, bluff, for the purpose of bringing about an end or means or enforce planned actions that are projected to bring about a favorable outcome. It is used in business and it can also be used in our personal life to find ways and means to remove obstacles and ensure a good outcome for our own personal benefits. 

Problems or any kind of conflict is won through Strategy. Think of a Personal Strategic Plan as a Rifle aimed at a target or as a straight direction which will get any person to a certain point in life, that will help them to overcome or remove the obstacles in their way, and aid the mind to figure out how to encircle and destroy the enemies or whatever is standing in the path.
Get a personal notebook include a pen and sit in front of a mirror, while observing your reflection and ask yourself these questions. Observing your goals written on paper will enable them to become strongly fixed objects.
  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose in life?
The mind is the starting point of all things, therefore, write down the answers as they come to you and create a Personal Mission Statement, which may go something like: “My major aim in life is to achieve success and prosperity in the field of business and remove all obstacles in my path toward my attainment and no matter what task I have set before me or what I am entrusted to do, I will give the best of myself and put everything into ensuring that I achieve my goal.”

Next, create a Personal Vision Statement, example: Within the next six months, I Leonardo De Rux will achieve the sums of one million dollars by providing excellent services to my customers to the best of my capacity. Aggressive marketing and promotion will be employed to promote my business enterprise to others with proper value and principles. My standards will be raised by…..

Now that you know who you are and what is your purpose in this Universe, it is time to fashion the proper strategy to attain the major goals, whatever they may be.

 It has been said that “Knowledge is power”, but in today’s age it has been translated into society as “Information is power.” Having information about our, environment, our employment, our enemies, our business is vital to make proper decision concern our fate.
Fill yourself with purpose and direction by knowing your own strength and weakness to know what one is capable of. If certain knowledge is lacking, according to the goals you plan to pursue. Then it is important that their attainment is achieved before going to the next level or if it requires utilizing others talent then go ahead a do so. Consider learning and mastering a skill at or seek out the skills and talent of professionals at Fiverr who can aid you with your business transformation. Whatever is needed to locate them from where they are available and obtained in order to move from one point in life to another.

Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril” Sun Tzu 
Establish a connection with anyone who has accomplished similar goals or locate a mentor who can give you the encouragements and advice required. For example, if you wanted to be a skilled Mechanic you would find someone to pass on knowledge and skill to you and not just depending on textbooks. Similar to the Chinese of old whom adopt students as their disciplines. There are many to be found online and you can locate them with just a few keying on Google
Set your goals in steps, because before you can walk you need to crawl and before you can run you need to learn to walk. For example, if your aim is to get to position D, you need to arrive at position A and go in the order of A, B, C until you land on D. If you take a big jump from A to D you might end up in an accident. Break up the goal into small pieces and attain one before the other.
Set the date and time you wish to accomplish your mission. Go back to your Mission Statement and outline the time you intend to complete the goal. For example: “On the fifth day of November 2020, I Leonardo De Rux intend to be in control of XYZ Corporation as its Owner and Director and nothing will stop me, for it is my rights and desire…” Deadlines will help one focus on the goals ahead and do all that is possible to attain it include strength one motivations.
 Life has more meaning in the face of death. The risks you keep taking, the challenges you keep overcoming, are like symbolic deaths that sharpen your appreciation of life. – 33 Strategies of War
Let us summarize it in a nutshell.
  • Get a notebook and pen or you can create a personal folder on your computer desktop and use Microsoft Office or any form of writing programs
  • Write down who are you and what is your major goal in life
  • Create a Mission Statement
  • Create a Personal Vision Statement
  • Get the knowledge you need or cooperation from others who possess it. If you have it already that is great.
  • Break down goals into manageable steps
  • Set a deadline
  • Do it
Visit your notebook or personal folder every day or week to keep focusing on targets planned plus figuring out your next course of actions.


Friday, 5 January 2018

How To Go From Rags To Riches

how to go from rags to riches

Every individual came into existence in this Universe with nothing more than their baby suits. Some were born to wealth, others in the middle class and those in poverty. Life has it up and down swings, for one can be rich today and poor tomorrow or vice versa.

Those who are already wealthy have the capacity to double or triple their riches into a considerable sum, plus those of the middle class can advance up the ladder to riches and also the lower class can leave their rags behind and dress in splendors. Nothing can stop either group from accumulating and basking in wealth unless they do not possess the desire or interest.

The image of poverty is not pretty and no one wants to wallow in it, many will just settle for a comfortable place to sleep and three meals a day, but there are others who are driven by the desire to become rich and will not accept anything else in life, for such persons it is a war to fulfill their personal obligations. Simple if a man does not want anything, he simply does not want it.

The Poor Man

The homeless man sleep wherever is available in the Town Park, on a bench or on the grass is just fine, with the sky, sun, stars, clouds, and moon above. He has plenty of nothing and it is alright with him. He is a tall man and shows weakness with a face that showed a lifetime, as he limps on an injured right leg, his exhaustion shows weariness from endlessly wandering from place to place in his search for his daily bread. Hunger makes him feel pain in the midsection of his body and so he extends an outstretched hand to those pasting on the street, hoping to get even a penny from a kind soul. People ignore him as they go about their daily business. His appearance is a dreadful sight to look at for his moth-eaten shirt was torn from the front and covered with mud, a part of his ragged pants had one foot missing above the right knee, addition to that there was only one shoe on his left, along with all these maladies he smelled horrible due to the bad stench that filled the air with age-old sweat. With weary eyes, he observes those around him who seem to have everything that he lacks. His poverty is like the darkness at night with rain and sadness, it is like an infectious disease had emerged and robbed the once upstanding gentleman, who was born to a wealthy family to the pit of destruction.

"Poverty has no plan, no dreams, no goal, no desire, no hope, not a wish for progress or any desire to be fulfilled. To arrive at the dreaded status of poverty one just need to sleep, eat, play, dream and in short order, it comes upon anyone like a thief in the night. Simply do nothing but resemble a stone or a person who just watch time goes by. It does not care about age, gender, environment, background, normal or handicapped."

  If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches; for the Creator, there is no poverty.” - Rainer Maria Rilke

The Rich Man

Dressed in a fine Italian tailored black suit, matched with a cotton white shirt which decked a silk tie, on his feet here was shiny Oxford black shoes. The man with the handsome feature of a well-sculptured body, who seem to spend days lifting irons in the gym. This proud man with his magnificent, well-trimmed and groomed black hair and his straight nose have arrived from a poor humble family from a small cottage. He never had the opportunity to attend college and at 19 he had to fend for himself due to family difficulties. Time has passed, now the man at the age of 30 inspected his great house, which was covered with magnificent furniture include everything that anyone could imagine. At the far right stood his butler who waited for orders from the great man. If the master said jump the butler was sure to obey since a fortune of eight Billion does not grow on trees. The house was a beautiful prison with high walls, tall front gate, guarded by a ground man who supervised the six vicious German Shepherds, which served as watchdogs, it seemed like a fortress and it was just the kind of house the rich would purchase. Lavish parties were thrown from time to time with the best of the social classes, who partake in the eating of food from the rich man’s table. Life is grand and it surely couldn’t get any grander for his achievement was a paradise on earth.

The starting point of all wealth creation is the desire to be, to attain, a driving desire to have and to own. Riches need plans, dreams, goals, desires, hope, and a wish for progress towards its attainment. Work with a goal in mind and strive to achieve them and like a miracle, the treasure of heaven will be poured down. However, the sums or the amount of money is unimportant, only the craving, the wants, the must achieve and acquire are the first major feeling that must be in the heart of any man who wishes to move from position A to position B.

There are countless stories of persons who have captured wealth on the road from Rags to Riches.  Their journey was not a simple one unless they were fortunate to strike it rich from the winning of a lotto ticket.  However, the purchase of a lotto ticket is not a bad idea since one must utilize all that is available at one disposal to attain the goal which is money that one strives for. Now let us examine the fundamental way a person can move from the position of nothing to the position of riches. 

“Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.” -  Norman Vincent Peale

The Steps to Wealth

The same mental application that has been passed down from ancient time to present day which is belief. Truly believe that one can accumulate or possess wealth, which is the first order. If one does not possess such then one needs to start changing one mindset which is “I am going to be rich and nothing will stop me.” This mindset is like a bullet placed in the barrel of a gun and once the trigger is released the bullet travels forward and hit its target. The biggest mistake is to accept the concept that achieving wealth is impossible. Deciding that one is going to be rich, which is a made up mind, pure and simple.

A person with "the wrong mindset" won't get out of poverty even if you "give them everything in the world. They’ll work their way right back down to the bottom," - Ben Carson, the United State, Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

Watch your speech, pay attention to the words that travel from one mouth. Never use words such as, “It can’t be done, it is impossible, I am no use, life is hard, my suffering is so great, etc.  Negative speech from the mouth allows us to react incorrectly and also destroy others who listen to the report from one mouth. The listeners need to protect themselves and be careful who one associate with. Simple if one wishes to be rich one need to watch what one says and remove the language of poverty from one mouth plus remove certain persons who dwell on such utterances. 

“The tongue can speak words that bring life or death. Those who love to talk must be ready to accept what it brings.” – Proverbs 18:21

No matter what you are doing today, one should figure out ways and means to earn more money. Wither you are presently employed or not, one should figure out what other jobs that they do on the side. Look for an addition, steam income, such as Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Sales and Teaching Music, whatever will add more income to one wealth. Now, when you have three or four steam of cash traveling toward your bank account, keep looking for more. One of the best ways is to figure out how to obtain $1 Million from 500 persons. Let's say suppose you sold goods or service at $2,000 X 500 persons = $1,000,000.00. The next order of business is to figure out how to transform those one Million dollars into two or five Million, once the goal is attained work your way toward ten Million and so forth. Focus! Focus on building your income stream at all cost. 

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Spending should keep under control during the building stage as you march toward your fortune. Live within one means as you lived before you attained your first Millions. If there is a sweetheart either male or female bugging you to part with your hard earned cash, just, simply get rid of them. One should decide what is more important, either building wealth or the love of your sweethearts. Remember, keep a tight ship no matter how fat your income grows and any money left sitting around should be used to work and expand in more.

 “That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.” - Henry David Thoreau

Your money, no matter the amount you possess it should continue to make you money, therefore, putting money in a saving account is not the very best thing, since it tends to remain still unless you continue to add to it, plus they grow cobwebs and dust. Use a saving account only to take care of your living expenses and pay bills. However, for wealth building an Investment account is more ideal. Open an Investment account with a reputable investment firm or bank, but do not leave all your money into one investment entry nor engage in any risky type of investments. Seek the service of an Investment Banker or an Adviser then follow his or her councils in order to make your wise investment decisions also seek out other traditional investments that money can be invested into with a guaranteed return.

"Finding the best person or the best organization to invest your money is one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make." – Bill Gross



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Monday, 1 January 2018

How to be your own Boss

be your own boss

Today, anyone can own and run a business as long as they possess certain ingredient such as the desire to own, to control, to be free and in order to set their own hours and do as they wish.

Today many persons are unemployed, feeling down, depressed, unhappy, experiencing rejection, have no self-worth to make a positive contribution to society, yet they yearn for personal security. However, the thought of working for a person with the title of Boss is not a nice prospect for many. Most of them prefer to spend their days dreaming of the day when their personal Business Empire will be up and running.

Others may be employed and possess security, however they spend a good amount of their time wondering if there is any other useful purpose in life. The job they are presently doing is boring, even though the income pays the bills, educate their kids, plus offer some form of comfort yet they are still unhappy. Hence, every morning when the clock strike 7 am at daybreak they feel like pulling out their hair from the socket of their heads and scream since it is time to get out of bed and head to work.

Some have similar objectives, such as to be the captain of their own ships, but due to lack of things such as inadequate capital, lack of business knowledge, including ideas of the type of business one wish to pursue. Some may arrive at the conclusion that owning a business requires too much time include a great amount of expense that cannot be possessed in the meantime, even though some have identified a few of the operation they would love to start.

Questions many ask themselves from time to time, is “what kind of business must I do?” Others may be even wondering if they I should visit the wise lady in the district and ask her to look in her Crystal Balls, in order to predict the outcome of tomorrow.” Starting a business is not a rocket science nor does it involve any form of hocus pocus, not even hand out from a distance wealth relative. If one follows the simple steps outlined which require actions, then dreams and goals will be brought to life.

Find an Idea

The first thing is to come up with an idea of what kind of business one want to get involved in then a research is required to gain personal knowledge of the business endeavor. Without sufficient research, there will not be enough knowledge of what to expect.  Specialize knowledge may be called for depending on the type of business.

Create a plan of Action

A business plan is needed to chart the course of the operation. It is like a roadmap to the Treasure, which ensures that you do not get lost during the journey from position A to position B then finally arrive at the spot where the treasure lies which is marked X called position C. The business plan is a guide that shows you in the proper direction or like a light in the darkness leading your patch to the Promised Land.

Finance to Operate

Just as power is needed to start a Computer Hardware System, where the action is to plug the extension cord into the electricity socket from the wall or connected to another secondary power source such as a surge protector to draw power to the Computer. In a similar way to bring a business idea to life require finance in the proper amount for such plan to be born, grow and continue to survive. Figure out the exact sums that are needed, then go about acquiring the said amount from your bank, personal saving, distance relative or where ever finance can be obtained. If you are having no luck with traditional sources you can try Bitbond, which is the first global marketplace lending platform for small business loans. Loans are offered for up to 6 weeks to 36 months at relatively low cost. You can check it out HERE!

Type of Business Structure

One of the most important things when starting a business is usually the type of legal structure you set up and the most important thing is the best one that offers maximum protection related to taxes. There are four common types of Business Structure and they are classified as, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and S Corporation and the new limited liability company (LLC) and the limited liability partnership (LLP). They all have their advantages and disadvantages and also determine the personal liability you will face and your ability to raise money to finance your business. It is advisable that you do some research according to the nature of the business you plan to put in operation. Best to speak with a Lawyer who specializes in the business incorporation.

Decide Business Name

Deciding a Business name is possibly one of the most stressful processes, which is important for a brand perception and growth, plus it can be a complete success or a failure. Any business whose name does not fit with the brand then the business will head under because of it. There was once a company with the name ISIS that has been in operation since 1923. They were manufactured of Belgium Chocolate and commenced good business until the dreaded Terrorist Organization surfaced with the same name ISIS. There was a mad dash to rebrand the name under a different one as business was sinking at an alarming rate, due to the constant posting of the beheading of citizens on YouTube by the Terrorist Organization.  Take successful companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, etc., for example. Such names have become well known and prosperous. Therefore give careful thought to a good name for the business, according to the field of operation by ensuring that it does not often anyone. Therefore, select a proper business name that fit your business and registers it.
Get Business Permit (depends on type of business)

The question if a business permit or license is needed to operate an online business operation will depend on the type of business one wish to launch. If you are going to health care, medical or prescription such as vitamin supplements. It is important to check with the Government Agencies in your country of residence or state. However, items like digital stuff that can be downloaded or the selling of information or offering support services business, e.g., writing, database, or virtual teaching should not be an issue.

Accounting Software /Accountant or Bookkeeper

Once a business is set up and running it needs to enforce strict financial control over financial expenditures and ensure that a profit is being made. After all, the purpose of setting up a business is to make money and not the other way around. This is the point when new business owners will ask themselves the question. Should I hire an accountant or do the accounting myself? If you are a new business owner I suggest you use an accounting software until the business has grown to a point where you find yourself doing hours of work consist of managing books and creating financial reports on a weekly base and it starts to become a frustration. At this point seek to add an accountant or a bookkeeper to your team.


Owners of online business are happy with the advantages they possess over a physical business, due to the low overhead expense associated with the enterprise. Conducting operation online can open up markets all over the globe, but can be a bit harder to develop a good business relationship with a customer as a business that greets individual buyers face to face. Therefore, one needs to ensure that customers are feeling welcome and set up the operation in such a way that it is more user-friendly. Observe this video and it will instruct you how to accomplish the most user-friendly site. Visit here! 

The location won’t be a factor until you decide you want to open and operate a physical business.

The Team Needed

A new startup has to wear different hats at the beginning, but as time progress a few support team members might be needed, however, at the beginning of the business it is wise to locate a team of business Specialist. Such persons should be individuals who can offer advice and encouragement which will help to increase one’s morality. 

  • The Business Mentor - Persons who have experience in the same field of business and offer support, encouragement include lending support and with a specific skill and knowledge. Their business influence helps to improve the performance of the enterprise. There are a number of places where a Mentor can be found online and even free of cost. Just google the words, “free online business mentors.”
  • Financial Guru –  The Accountant, won’t be needed until later on, when the business expands.
  • Virtual Assistant to do some personal tasks plus keep reporting on business procedure and Developments.
  • Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) Marketer – to keep the enterprise visible to search engine and market to the customers so that the operation goes smoothly as a clockwork.
Market and Promote

Once the business is up and running marketing and promoting is a full-time process as it is not wise to wait around for customers to find you. The business has to introduce it to others and let them know what service or product is available to include the pricing etc. The Enterprise can either do the marketing and promotion themselves or hire others to do so on Fiverr. Check out Marketers on Fiverr here.


Running a business can be a simple task for some, but not for everyone. A great deal of planning and activities are involved in the first stage of the operation. However, once everything is in place, work hard to land your first customer or clients and deliver the best quality service on time.
Have fun making money and look forward to years of prosperity and success in your endeavors. I wish you prosperity and success. Cheers!

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