Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Does A University Degree Enable One To Accumulate Wealth?

enable one to accumulate wealth

What is education? The dictionary states, education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Great Universities possess knowledge in quality and amount. Millions of individuals collect a vast sum of knowledge each year because they are told to get a degree to achieve success and prosperity for a better life. They got their degrees, then forged in the world to make a living for themselves.

Today, many are in pursuit of wealth and only a few of the world population succeed in attaining it each year. What is surprising is that a number of those who created wealth did not complete their University or College education. Yet many of those who graduated from educational institutions did not make it up the success ladder, even though they possess General Knowledge. What is exactly wrong here?

Possibly they do not have a desperate feeling to have a better life from the starting point. Since all great achievement begins with a desire, then again, there are those who have the fire to achieve success but fail to collect it at every turn. Some even claim that one fate in life is marked in stone and we will achieve what life has in store for us no matter what action we enforce or believe. Others do not accept this idea and prefer the belief that they will acquire their share of wealth soon or later. These two different types of mental thoughts have opened debates.

Today, many Higher Educational Institutions are full of a highly educated workforce, who have degrees to back them up as a person of great knowledge. Yet it is strange to view that many of these professors own little or no money. Which left much to ponder, what is the secret of success and prosperity?

There are many who will say that success and prosperity are not measured in martial wealth alone and it is all about one happiness. They may have a point, but consider it takes money to do a world of good for oneself and others. No society can prosper without money, education costs money and if one was to stand in the town centers of any marketplace and shout "Who Wants Money?",  there will be so many takers in demand.

A person can be lacking General Knowledge as is taught in Higher Educational Institutions but own a clear head to manufacture ideas or possess information which is put in an organized and definite plan then carried out to a definite end. The principles of IDEA + ACTION = RESULTS or the cases that call for IDEA + ACTION + PLANNING = RESULTS, one or the other will definitely bring about success or prosperity in any field of endeavors.

One does not need to have General Knowledge to use the brain that we were made with to organize, plans and take action, to achieve the definite end of a goal or purpose, such as wealth and prosperity. In today's world, a person who can create ideas to solve problems and back them up with action will always find a place in a world of success and forge ahead in any field. Consider that a large number of the Forbes list of Billionaires are high schools and college dropouts. How could they succeed with so little formal education and built such vast empires?

What is amazing is that 63 of the Forbes list are University dropout and only 21 own a college degree. Then there are those individuals who drop out of the University and are not doing so well and earn less than those with a degree. I guess it is not about education but who we are, our desire and where we aim in life, include our view, such as, good decision skills, have a positive vision of the future, will take risk, know what one wants, willing to work hard, want things done now, plus a positive mental concept.

University or College educations are good to have because they can open doors and add one to attain certain measures in life, but it doesn’t ensure that one attain wealth unless one has the urge to attain it. Let us put on our thinking caps and figure out how to gather wealth, success and prosperity with organized plans and actions to boost ourselves up to the ladder.

I wish you prosperity and success with your aims. Cheers!
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